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    Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture
    Nr Welshpool
    Powys SY21 8AH
    Mid Wales

    Phone: +44 (0)1686 640689
    Email: [email protected]


    “Logan has achieved something beyond the reach of any other
    20th Century British Sculptor, even Henry Moore: he has managed to open his own
    museum, dedicated entirely to his own work and carried it off with showbiz

    John Russell Taylor — The Times

    “Dreams are the stuff Andrew Logan and his museum are made

    Louisa Buck — Crafts Magazine

    “Andrew’s work doesn’t offer that much to the would-be
    catalogue mystifier: if you start saying anything too pretentious about it, it sort
    of laughs in your face. It’s hard to place, because it doesn’t really quite belong
    anywhere, guilelessly straddling a number of heavily contested boundaries – such as
    those between art and craft, between art and decoration, between pop and fine,
    between the profane and sacred. But I don’t think this straddling is some sort of
    ideological position that Andrew has contrived – it’s just where he happens to find
    himself when he makes the work he wants to see.”

    Brian Eno

    “The Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture will present to the
    public a condensed and accessible extravaganza devised by the artist to cover the
    development of world culture.”

    David Elliott — Director Museum of Modern
    Art, Oxford


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